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Complete the online signup and a delivery valet will call you to answer your questions. Yes! We don’t charge a delivery fee...
No you don’t. Simply put your cleaning in your Spring Cleaners Green bag and leave on your porch, concierge desk or other covered location by morning time. Your cleaned garments will be hung on your front door, or any other place we agree on.
We charge your credit card on file, we charge your account once a month.
Twice a week. Your valet will let you know if you’re on a M-Th or Tu-F schedule.
There is no minimum order required.
No, if you don’t have any items, we’ll be by the following week. If you will be on vacation, let your valet driver know via text or email or just give us a call about your vacation date range.
If you don’t have a covered, protected area for your bag, we don’t recommend putting your bag out during inclement weather. In rare weather events your valet may choose to hold your items until your next scheduled day and will contact you.
Yes, we are closed most major holidays. Your service will resume on your next business day if it falls on a holiday.
You can place them in a large plastic bag or trash bag, but make sure they are labeled with your name and phone number.